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Friends of Mann Library


Society's future rests on a foundation of knowledge that is gathered, sustained, and applied in the present. Connecting researchers, students and citizens with knowledge when and where it’s needed is the mission of Mann Library. We gratefully acknowledge Mann’s generous friends and alumni as our active partners in this mission.

Gifts to Mann Library help realize top-quality, timely learning, research and scientific communication at Cornell by ensuring:

A stellar collection of e-resources,  books, journals, and databases critical to scholars’ ability to master, probe, and expand the frontier of knowledge.

State of the art technology that brings a broad array of resources and services right to our users’ desktops and provides students and scholars with all the tools needed to successfully prepare, illustrate and present their work.  

Student library assistant positions that help keep the library's collections in shape, our computers humming, and our services open for business from 8 am to 2am. 

Responsive initiatives, programs and services that support the goals of the university in fostering a thriving student community,  a rich learning environment, and the dissemination of knowledge and new ideas.    


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