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Staff and Divisions

Photo by Jon Reis Studio, Ithaca NYPhoto by Jon Reis Studio, Ithaca NY

Mann Library Divisions & Services

Comstock Memorial Library of Entomology

Frank A. Lee Library at Geneva


237 Mann Drive
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-4301
Tel: 607-255-2285
Fax: 607-255-0318
Information Desk: 607-255-5406
Andrews, Camille
User Engagement Librarian
User Services & Engagementca92607-255-8673
Blake, Jim
VIVO Release Manager
ITS Developersjeb228607-255-7911
Branchini, Darcy
User Experience Developer
ITS Developersdad284607-254-4007
Brown, Liz
Outreach Specialist
Public Programs & Communicationsetb2607-255-7731
Callais, Donna
Staff Computing Specialist
ITS Operationsdmc8607-255-3091
Cappadona, Nick
User Experience Lead
ITS Developersnac26607-254-5238
Cook, Michael
Head of Collection Development & Digital Collections
Collection Development & Digital Collectionsmnc2607-255-7959
Dailey, Nancy
ILS Borrowing Coordinator
User Services & Engagementnld3607-255-7754
Downs, Ashley
Food & Agriculture Librarian
Teaching, Learning & Outreachald52607-255-0133
Elswit, Betsy
TEEAL Production Coordinator
TEEAL Project & International Programseee6607-255-7317
Eschler, Jake
ILS and Reserves Coordinator
User Services & Engagementjte34607-255-7754
Fereira, John
Technology Strategist
ITS Developersjaf30607-255-7705
Ferretti, Eveline
Public Programs & Communication Administrator
Public Programs & Communicationsef15607-254-4993
Fordon, Mike
Lee Library Coordinator, Geneva
Collection Development & Digital Collectionsmpf8607-254-9214
Fournier, Chris
Life Sciences Librarian
Research Servicesctf43607-255-2199
Ghezzi-Kopel, Kate
Applied Health Sciences Librarian
Research Serviceskwg37607-255-9958
Hamm, Noah
Reference Assistant
Research Servicesnhh5607-255-5406
Hines, Tobi
User Services & Multimedia Librarian
User Services & Engagementeeh53607-255-7962
Javed, Muhammad
Ontology Engineer and Semantic Applications Developer
ITS Developersmj495607-255-1381
Jenkins, Keith
GIS & Geospatial Applications Librarian
Research Serviceskgj2607-255-7192
Johns, Erica
Research Data & Environmental Sciences Librarian
Research Servicesemj73607-255-0158
Khan, Huda
Semantic Applications Programmer
ITS Developershjk54607-255-7911
Lawrence, Greg
Life Sciences Bibliographer
Collection Development & Digital Collectionsgwl1607-255-3242
Leijonhufvud, Jenny
Instruction & Outreach Specialist
Public Programs & Communicationsjl3378607-255-9998
Lowe, Carol
Digital Projects Assistant & TEEAL Production Assistant
TEEAL Project & International Programscml74607-255-8541
May, Lianna
Administrative Coordinator
McEnerney, Joseph
Data Integration Programmer
ITS Developersjrm424607-255-7911
Mckee, James
Special Equipment Coordinator
User Services & Engagementjpm287607-255-7965
Mistlebauer, Holly
Assistant Head of ITS and Project Manager for CUL-IT
ITS Operationshlm7607-254-5261
Morris-Knower, Jim
Head of Teaching, Learning & Outreach
Teaching, Learning & Outreachjpk15607-255-6197
Ochs, Mary
Director of Mann Library
Ottaviano, Tom
Business & Economics LIbrarian
Research Servicestjo65607-255-8125
Pacion, Kelee Lynn
Instruction Coordinator & Undergraduate Life Sciences Librarian
Teaching, Learning & Outreachklp92607-255-9903
Paulson, Joy
Director of TEEAL Project & International Programs Librarian
TEEAL Project & International Programsjp243607-255-7950
Payette, Sandy
Director of Land Grant & Research IT
ITS Developerssdp6607-255-4608
Piestrak, Jeff
Digital Collections Specialist
Collection Development & Digital Collectionsjmp36607-255-7956
Plaine, Gabriel
Network Consultant & Technician
ITS Operationsgrp44607-255-7158
Poduska, Tahir
Web Developer
ITS Developerstap87607-255-9570
Reniff, Erica
Head of TEEAL Outreach & Client Relations
TEEAL Project & International Programsear224607-255-8939
Rozyn, Karl
Exhibits Curator
Public Programs & Communicationsker87607-255-2285
Ryan, Matt
Instructional Technology Coordinator
User Services & Engagementmrr15607-255-9569
Schlabach, Marty
Food & Agriculture Librarian
Collection Development & Digital Collectionsmls5607-255-6919
Stanton, Katerina
Evening Supervisor, Reserves Assistant & Bindery Coordinator
User Services & Engagementkls47607-255-7965
Stewart, Linda
Life Sciences Bibliographer & Special Collections Librarian
Collection Development & Digital Collectionslgs1607-255-9022
Thompson, Wendy
Public Services Assistant
User Services & Engagementwft4607-255-7965
Trutt, Tom
Access Services Desk Coordinator
User Services & Engagementtit1607-255-7965
Wayno, Judy
Collection Development Associate
Collection Development & Digital Collectionsjew24607-255-3661
Wilson, Jill
Scholars@Cornell Coordinator
ITS Developersjew248607-255-1577
Worrall, Tim
Usability Design Specialist
ITS Developerstlw72607-255-9958
Wright, Sarah
Life Sciences Librarian for Research
Research Servicessjw256607-255-2199
Wright, Sara E.
Head of User Services & Engagement
User Services & Engagementsew268607-254-6218
Younes, Rebecca
Semantic Web Developer
ITS Developersrjy7607-255-3873
Young, Sarah
Head of Research Services
Research Servicessy493607-254-8085