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Collection Development Policies

Collection Development Policies

In Collection Development, we select print and electronic materials for Mann Library and the Entomology Library. Listed below are links to our subject guidelines and contact information for librarians responsible for selection.

Selection Responsibilities:

Subject Guidelines:

(Adobe Acrobat PDF documents)

Also see Peripheral and Related Subjects and additional notes for selectors

Selection Responsibilities by Selector at Mann Library:

Selector: Linda Stewart 255-9022
Subjects: Animal Science, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Design and Environmental Analysis, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Education, Entomology, Fiber Science & Apparel Design, Food Science, Natural Resources, Neurobiology and Behavior, Physiology, Ornithology (Adelson Library)

Selector: Gregory Lawrence 255-3242
Subjects:  Biological and Environmental Engineering, Biological Statistics and Computational Biology, Communication, Crop and Soil Sciences, Development Sociology, Government Information, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Plant Biology, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Plant Pathology.

Selector: Marty Schlabach   255-6919
Subjects: International Agriculture

Selector: Tom Ottaviano 255-8125
Subjects: Applied Economics, Management, Business, Finance, Marketing

Selector:  Sarah Young 254-8085
Subjects:  Health Administration, Human Development, Nutrition, Policy Analysis & Management

Selection Responsibilities by Subject Area at Mann Library:

Animal Science Linda Stewart
Applied Economics and Management Thomas Ottaviano
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Linda Stewart
Biological and Environmental Engineering Gregory Lawrence
Biological Statistics and Computational Biology Gregory Lawrence
Business Thomas Ottaviano
Communication Gregory Lawrence
Crop and Soil Sciences Gregory Lawrence
Design and Environmental Analysis Linda Stewart
Development Sociology Gregory Lawrence
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Linda Stewart
Education Linda Stewart

Linda Stewart


Food Science

Linda Stewart
Government Information Gregory Lawrence
Horticulture Gregory Lawrence
Human Development Sarah Young
Landscape Architecture Gregory Lawrence
Microbiology Gregory Lawrence
Molecular Biology and Genetics Gregory Lawrence
Natural Resources Linda Stewart
Neurobiology and Behavior Linda Stewart
Nutrition Sarah Young
Ornithology (Adelson Library) Linda Stewart
Physiology (Biomedical Sciences) Linda Stewart
Plant Biology Gregory Lawrence
Plant Breeding and Genetics Gregory Lawrence
Plant Pathology Gregory Lawrence
Policy Analysis & Management Sarah Young
Fiber Science & Apparel Design Linda Stewart