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Course Poster Session Registration

If you would like to register a class or department poster sessions with Mann Library, please email stoneops@cornell.edu with the following information:

Please provide us with this information two weeks prior to the start of the poster session

  • Course name and # or project and name of department sponsoring the project
  • Instructor name 
  • Account # that will be billed along with a department representative's name, NetID, and phone number
  • Poster dimensions, i.e., 36”x48”, and paper type (42” Plotter – Glossy, 42” Plotter – Matte, 60” Plotter - Glossy)
  • What portion of the cost of the poster the department is paying. Departments/Courses can choose to pay for each student’s poster in its entirety or a set dollar amount to be applied to each poster
  • List of students involved - please provide the full name and NetID of each student.  Please note: if you are grouping students, please indicate which students should be grouped together
  • Start and end date when the students may print their posters


Once we receive your request, the students listed will be entered into our registration system. Within two business days, they will receive an email indicating that they have been registered for a poster session along with a coupon that they must bring with them when they print their poster.  The coupon will also indicate the poster size, the amount that the department is covering, and the timeframe in which they may print.