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The Bloomberg system is a leading information service for global financial markets. At least 250,000 terminals are used by investment professionals around the world. Corporate recruiters at Cornell are seeking candidates with competitive technical and financial technology skills. Gain this competitive skill before your next job interview. And we can help you get started right here at Mann Library.

Access a Bloomberg Terminal

The Bloomberg station is a pair of stand-alone computers at Mann Library. You can get started in many ways - visit the terminal and sign up to use it, attend a workshop, download a handout or ask for an individual consultation.  For your convenience, handouts are also available next to the machine.

At the terminal, either use the guest login (posted next to the machine) or follow the directions to Create a New Login and begin exploring the system.

Visit the main menu by hitting the green “menu” button or typing “main” in the command line

Visit the Bloomberg Essentials Training Program by typing the words - bloomberg essentials - or enter the command BESS followed by the GO button.

On the Bloomberg Essentials Landing page, click on "Instructions" in the panel on the left hand side of the screen to find out more about the certification process.

Download Tutorial 

Download the Bloomberg Tutorial. The tutorial provides information on how to get started, using powerful Bloomberg HELP and customer service features, introduction to equity research, news and portfolio management functions.

Bloomberg Essentials Online Training Program

Use your own personal login to complete the training program. To get to the Bloomberg Essentials module within Bloomberg University type BESS <GO> into the command bar. Bloomberg permits all academic users to gain essential training on-line and there is no fee for this training program. The important features of this process are:

  1. A total of 5 modules are available through the BESS menu.
  2. The core module consists of Getting Started, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Launchpad and the Bloomberg Excel add-in
  3. Market Sector modules consist of introduction to Equity, Fixed Income, FX and Commodity
  4. You can test your knowledge by taking the core exam (covers all 4 core modules) along with any of the market sector exams
  5. The option to take exams will be located alongside the modules on the BESS page.
  6. You need to complete with a 75% grade or better to earn the Acknowledgement of Completion
  7. Re-takes of tests are not provided, so you get only one chance to pass the test.
  8. The certification can be completed at your own pace. You can read through tutorials and practice as much as needed before taking the exam.
  9. When you've completed the tests, you can request the Acknowledgement of Completion right from the BESS page.
  10. You should budget for at least 6-8 hours to complete the entire essentials program.

Taking the Test: Before you begin taking a test, create your own account! You need your personal account to ensure you receive credit. To create your own account, at the login screen, click on Create a New Login and follow the on-screen instructions

Need more information?

Email the Mann library Information & Research Help Desk or contact Tom Ottaviano (tjo65) Business Librarian at Mann.