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Outreach & Engagement

As a Land Grant library, Mann Library supports  a diverse on and off campus community  through a range of targeted services, resources and programming efforts. This page provides a brief index of our outreach and engagement work, including who we serve, the work we do, and overall goals for this work. You can learn more about this work here.

Our Community

  • Mann Library facilitates learning, research and outreach at Cornell University in agriculture, the life sciences, applied social sciences and human ecology.
  • We support the work of Cornell Cooperative Extension and other partners helping the citizens of New York to improve their lives and communities through research-based knowledge and exchange.
  • As part of our national and international outreach, we work with a broad range of institutions and agencies to make current scholarship available to scientists, students and citizens throughout the world.

Our Work

Mann Library provides a range of resources and services to the communities we serve, including:

Our Goals 

Through our resources and services we help support the knowledge, technology and human capacity for addressing some of the most challenging issues facing society relating to environmental, social and economic problems. In alignment with University goals, this includes support for:

  • Cross-disciplinary, systems approaches advancing productive and sustainable food, fiber and energy systems.
  • Collaborative learning and two-way exchange connecting campus activities with real world needs, in New York State and beyond.
  • Student engagement in real-world learning and public service activities is a vital part of their education.
  • Intellectual diversity, fostering a climate that doesn't just tolerate differences but treasures them; and providing rich opportunities for learning from those differences.

Our Connected Minds, Resilient Communities programming is particularly focused on supporting collaborative engagement. Objectives include capacity building at Cornell and the Land Grant system, as well as the communities we serve, helping them become healthy, sustainable, just and equitable on their own terms, while building on existing assets.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our outreach and engagement work, please contact us at