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GIS Data Sources

Not finding it here? Want to suggest a link? Contact the GIS Librarian.

ESRI Data and Maps is a set of 5 DVD-ROMs containing many types of map data for the entire globe, with even more detailed datasets for the US. It includes StreetMap North America, which can be used for geocoding addresses in the US and Canada. These discs are located in a binder on
Stone Computing Center Reference Bookcase (map it) near the Computing Help Desk.

Olin Library website also has lists of GIS data and maps resources.

New York State

Other States

See also the list of state GIS data centers, and Olin Library's list of GIS data and maps for the United States.

Great Lakes Region

United States

Top sites:

DAACs (Distributed Active Archive Centers)

EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency)

USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)

USFWS (United States Fish and Wildlife Service)

USGS (United States Geological Survey)


Canada and Mexico

Olin Library has an extensive list of international sources of GIS Data & Maps.



Aerial/Remotely-Sensed Imagery

Web Mapping Applications

Local / New York State:

National and International:

Historical Data Sources

Finding historical sources of data already in GIS format can be difficult. Local and state historical societies, museums and libraries may be useful in finding source data. In many cases you will need to convert archival formats such as paper maps into digital formats through scanning and georeferencing, and/or the conversion of tables into spreadsheets which are then linked to boundary files (which may need to be manually digitized within a GIS). Our tutorials may offer some assistance in this process. Contact the GIS Librarian for further help.