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The Mann Library lobby is a gathering place where visitors can find casual seating to study, eat or converse. Located on the first floor (map it), there is a kiosk displaying Cornell community information, close-captioned CNN, and a bulletin board for academic flyers; two private cell phone booths are available and rotating lobby exhibits are also on display there.

Lobby Tabling Policies

  • Student groups or departments of Cornell University can reserve a table in the lobby for the display of materials.  Use of the lobby is limited to academic related activities only. Request a table at least 3 days in advance using the Mann lobby reservation request form.  Reservation requests are subject to review and approval by Mann Library.  The review and approval process may take up to 2 business days.  Please do not contact the library.  You will receive an email from the library once your reservation request has been reviewed and approved or rejected.
  • Space is limited to 2 groups at any given time. Please check the lobby calendar to find an available time. (You can hover over an event title to see the start and end times of that event, or click on the date to see a list of all events for that day).
  • Tables are available for student groups to use for their lobby activity.  You will need to set the table up yourselves. Please inquire at the Mann circulation desk for access to the storage room where tables are kept. Please also be sure to return the tables to the storage room properly--so they continue to be there for our student organizations!
  • It is recommended that you bring a table cloth to cover the table you use.
  • The table must be staffed for the duration of the display.
  • Fundraising is allowed either through the sale of products or requests for donations, in accordance with the University's Use of University Property policy and the Student Activities Office policy on fundraising. In addition to reserving the lobby space using our online reservation form, the group is also responsibe for ensuring that they have completed the UUP form and received University and SAO approval (if applicable).
  • Cooking of any sort or the use of small appliances is prohibited.
  • Any type of exhibit to be displayed in the lobby must be discussed with a library staff person.  Please email

Lobby Kiosk Policies

Community-Generated Content on the LCD

We accept slides from the Cornell Community for display on the LCD screen in the lobby of Mann Library.


Please follow our handout for instructions on creating, sizing and sending your slides. We can only accept slides in jpeg format, and sized to fit on our screen.  Final jpeg files should be sent to


The slide’s content should publicize academic accomplishments, opportunities or events. Priority is given to accomplishments, opportunities and events of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Human Ecology. We will not post "for sale/for rent" type slides, or slides promoting non-academic events such as sporting or social events. (Non-academic information such as For Sale/For Rent flyers can be posted on the bulletin board by the first floor photocopiers.)
Examples of appropriate slides include:

  • Visiting speakers
  • Open workshops or training sessions
  • Pictures of CALS or CHE students or faculty doing fieldwork or studying abroad
  • Recent undergraduate, graduate or faculty research
  • Academic opportunities such as scholarships
  • New course offerings from CALS or CHE

Bulletin Board

Board is for academic flyers only. Please post only one copy with provided push pins. Duplicate or non-academic flyers will be removed. (Non-academic flyers such as For Sale/For Rent flyers can be posted on the bulletin board by the first floor photocopiers.)

Cell Phone Booths

There are 2 small "cell phone booths" just off the lobby for cell users who want a quieter, enclosed space to make calls.

Television on the LCD

 The television is set to display CNN with closed-captioning. In the event of an emergency or other major event, messages from the University or other news outlets may supersede the current channel; however under normal circumstances the library does not take channel or program requests.