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Presentation Room

                                            Presentation RoomPresentation Room


The presentation room is intended for students to practice their presentations in front of a small audience. 

Room 261 can be reserved for presentations and has a large LCD monitor mounted on the wall (unlike the other rooms there is no A/V cart). It is the only large group room that can be reserved ahead of time for use. Reservations can be made up to one week in advance for up to four hours.  Reservations can be made here.  We do not take reservations for this room over the phone or via email.

When not reserved, the presentation room is unlocked and available for anyone to use.  If you do make a reservation, please bring a copy of your confirmation email with you as you made need to politely ask another student(s) to vacate the room.  

If you need support for this room, please contact the Stone Center Help Desk, 607-255-3240. 


See the Presentation Room (261) Reservation Instructions and Use Policy