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Seminar & Conference Rooms

Room Reservation Policies

For questions regarding policies and cancellations, please send an email to

Any Cornell Department or affiliated group can reserve rooms, but priority is given to groups from the Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Human Ecology.

Room use is limited to academic activities. Examples: meetings,seminars, lectures, training sessions, and discussion groups. Rooms are not intended for ongoing classes or recurring events.  Rooms use is limited to 5 times per semester by the same group. 

Reservation requests can be sumbitted the same day of the event, using the meeting room request form.  Requests are subject to review and approval by Mann Library.  The review and approval process may take up to 1 business day.  Please do not contact the library.   You will receive an email confirmation from the library once your reservation request has been reviewed and approved or rejected.

Re-configuration of room 102 is allowed, however the room must be returned to its original format before you leave. 

Re-configuration of room 100 is not allowed. 

Serving of food and drink in the rooms is discouraged, but may be pre-approved on a case by case basis.

Room users can report room problems/questions to Circulation Desk (map it) staff during their event.

*Technology support for the video conferencing system is available for events occurring M-F, 8am - 5pm.
If your event qualifies and you would like tech support, please indicate it on the meeting room request form.

Reserving a Room

Members of the Cornell community may submit a reservation request for Mann Library room 100 or 102 and can do so the same day they would like to use the room.  Providing there are no conflicting reservations, your reservation will be approved almost instantaneously.  If you need to cancel a room, please email

Please review the room Details for a complete description and full list of hardware and software before requesting the room.  Computers installed in conference room 100 & 102 contain a basic image of standard software.  We do not make changes to the software image for individual events.  If you require specialized software for your event, please bring your own laptop/software.  We can assist in connecting your laptop to the AV systems in these rooms. 

The library does not provide additional furniture, easels, etc.  Any and all furniture that is in the room must remain in the room.  The library does not remove furniture from the room nor does it have additional furniture to bring in.

Room 100 or 102 not available?

Students can check-out smaller general purpose Group Meeting/Study rooms for a 4 hour period from the Circulation Desk (map it). These are distributed on a first come, first served basis, and cannot be reserved in advance nor can they be renewed at the end of the 4 hour loan period. Availability can be checked from the Study Room Loans page. Large group study rooms include large LCD display carts (more info).

You can also check the online list of campus meeting rooms maintained by the registrar. All questions about the rooms on that list should be directed to the registrar, Mann Library is not involved in reserving these rooms.