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Study Areas

Mann Library has a limited number of study rooms available for short term loan. Keys are available from the Circulation Desk (map it). A variety of other locations exist throughout the library for individual or group study activities, listed below by floor. All areas include RedRover wireless network coverage. See our laptop page for wireless setup information.


The Mann Library basement level is primarily occupied by staff offices and computer classrooms. The Follett Information Commons in the Basement Study Area (map it) does have some study space.

First Floor

Several study areas available with tables, power outlets, chairs. See blue areas of 1st floor map. With service desks, staff offices and a computing center, this floor is generally the most active area of the library (not a quiet study area).

The Lobby (map it) also has tables, chairs and soft seating, with LCD screens and news feeds. It is the only area in the library where eating is allowed.

Second Floor

This floor houses several staff office areas and open collaborative spaces.  Some study areas are available with tables, power outlets, chairs, and soft seating. See blue areas of 2nd floor map. Designated quiet study area can be found in the Dean's Room (map it), a large, open floor space with  movable chairs and small tables.

The second floor also features the Bissett Collaborative Center, a customizable space for students to work collaboratively on academic projects and assignments.  Mobile LCD screens and collaborative workstations are available here for use of learning technologies.

Third Floor

These floors are designated Quiet Study areas. See blue areas on the 3rd floor map. The Joseph and Geraldine McManus Study Room (map it) on the 3rd floor houses the Ellis Collection and has a balcony overlooking the 2nd floor Deans Room.The Grad Study Area is also located on the 3rd floor (map it). Grad study desks and lockers can be requested at the Circulation Desk (map it).