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Garmin 76CS
GPS Unit #1 Available
GPS Unit #2Available
Locosys BGT-31
GPS Data Logger (BGT-31 GPS Data Logger)Available

Garmin 76CS GPS Unit


*Please note: While both GPS units offer a "moving map" color display for viewing information like location, bearing, and elevation, they are provided with only minimal Garmin "base layer" maps, and are not suitable as navigation devices. 

Additional information:

Locosys BGT-31 GPS Data Logger

  • High accuracy SiRFstar III chipset
  • Simple LCD display for viewing menus, heading, location (coordinates), altitude and speed
  • USB connectivity

Additional information:

  • The BGT-31 has an internal rechargeable battery. Be sure to check charge before starting work. Adapters are provided for charging via USB, AC, or vehicle (DC).

  • Drivers and software are needed for connecting the unit to a computer. They are available on CD (comes with unit) or from the manufacturer Locosys.