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Making a Gift to Mann Library

Institutions of higher education are facing unprecedented challenges as they struggle to sustain excellence in the face of the public health and economic crises of our current times, and Cornell University is no exception. Now more than ever, support from friends and alumni is proving to be essential to Mann Library's ability to stay on the cutting edge of what is possible in harvesting the fruits of past scientific exploration and bringing information to researchers who are at the forefront of expanding the current frontiers of knowledge. To make an online gift in support of excellence at Mann Library, please visit Cornell University's online giving form. Directing your gift to Mann Library using this form requires three steps:

  1. Please choose “Cornell University Library” from the drop down selection menu you will see on this form
  2. Click on the “Other – Library” tab you will see in that selection
  3. Then type “Mann Library” into the “If you’ve selected an ‘Other’ option…” field you see back on the main form.

For more information about opportunities to support Mann Library in specific areas, including technology innovation, special services, student assistantships, and the development of our collections, please contact Library Alumni Affairs and Development Director Jennifer Sawyer (607-227-7759) or Mann Library Interim Director Sara Wright (607-255-3296).   

Alumni and friends of the library have also found that giving to the library can be a meaningful and lasting way to honor a loved one or mentor. Mann Library has an active Honor with Books giving program that supports the acquisition of individual books in honor of family members, friends, colleague and other special individuals. To make an Honor with Books gift, please print out and mail in our Honor with Books request form or contact Eveline Ferretti (607-592-6830).

We welcome and deeply appreciate your interest in Mann Library!