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  • Camille Andrews headshot Book a Consultation

    Camille Andrews

    Emerging Literacies Librarian
    • outreach
    • assessment
    • 3D printing
    • poster design
    • makerspace
  • Darcy Branchini headshot

    Darcy Branchini

    Manager of Land Grant IT
  • Selena Bryant headshot

    Selena Bryant

    Teaching & Learning Librarian
    • Web of Science
    • Wikipedia
    • undergraduate research
    • inclusion
  • Nick Cappadona headshot

    Nick Cappadona

    User Experience Lead
  • Sandra Conrad headshot

    Sandra Conrad

    Reservations, Maintenance & Billing Coordinator
  • Michael Cook headshot

    Michael Cook

    Head of Collection Development & Digital Collections
    • collection development
    • digital preservation
    • copyright
    • open access
    • digital collections
    • special collections
    • rare books
    • scholarly communication
  • Deborah Cooper headshot Book a Consultation

    Deborah Cooper

    Digital & Special Collections Librarian & Coordinator of Library Services to Geneva
    • digital collections
    • special collections
    • eCommons
    • scholarly communication
    • outreach
  • Jeremy Cusker headshot

    Jeremy Cusker

    Engineering Librarian
    Liaison to
    • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (EAS)
  • Nancy Dailey headshot

    Nancy Dailey

    ILS Borrowing Coordinator
  • Betsy Elswit headshot

    Betsy Elswit

    Collections Specialist
  • John Fereira headshot

    John Fereira

    Technology Strategist
  • Eveline Ferretti headshot

    Eveline Ferretti

    Public Programs & Communication Administrator
  • Chris Fournier headshot

    Chris Fournier

    Life Sciences Librarian
    • Scopus
    • PubMed
    • Web of Science
    • citation management software
    • systematic reviews
  • Kate Ghezzi-Kopel headshot

    Kate Ghezzi-Kopel

    Health Sciences and Evidence Synthesis Librarian
    • health sciences information resources
    • PubMed
    • systematic reviews
    • evidence-based medicine
  • Allegra Giovine headshot

    Allegra Giovine

    TEEAL Production Coordinator
  • Karina Hagelin headshot

    Karina Hagelin

    Outreach & Instruction Librarian
    • outreach
    • makerspace
    • zines and DIY
    • diversity inclusion and belonging advocacy
  • Shayla Harrington headshot

    Shayla Harrington

    Access Services & ILL Manager
  • Tobi Hines headshot

    Tobi Hines

    Head of Operations & Outreach
    • access services
    • interlibrary loan
    • space assessment
    • digital media
  • Keith Jenkins headshot Book a Consultation

    Keith Jenkins

    GIS & Geospatial Applications Librarian
    • QGIS
    • ArcGIS
    • Carto
    • OpenRefine
    • geospatial data
  • Mel Jensen headshot

    Mel Jensen

    Student Engagement Coordinator
    • APA citation style
    • Introduction to Databases
    • Introduction to Research
    • Social Sciences
  • Paul Jensen headshot

    Paul Jensen

    Access Services Assistant
  • Erica Johns headshot

    Erica Johns

    Head of Research Services & Scholarly Engagement
    • OpenRefine
    • data management plans
    • data sharing
    • metadata standards
    • usability testing
  • Chris Johns headshot

    Chris Johns

    Lending Coordinator
  • Amelia Kallaher headshot

    Amelia Kallaher

    Applied Social Science Librarian
    • US census data
    • systematic reviews
    • Excel
    • social science research
    • citation management software
  • Sarah Kennedy headshot

    Sarah Kennedy

    Collection Development Librarian
    • collection development
    • Zotero
    • Web of Science
    • PubMed
    • HathiTrust
  • Huda Khan headshot

    Huda Khan

    Semantic Applications Programmer
  • Matthew Kibbee headshot

    Matthew Kibbee

    Reference Assistant
  • Kevin Kidwell headshot

    Kevin Kidwell

    User Experience Developer
  • Jenny Leijonhufvud headshot

    Jenny Leijonhufvud

    Gallery & Outreach Spaces Coordinator
  • Carol Lowe headshot

    Carol Lowe

    Digital Projects Assistant & TEEAL Production Assistant
  • Joseph McEnerney headshot

    Joseph McEnerney

    Data Integration Programmer
  • Leah McEwen headshot

    Leah McEwen

    Chemistry Librarian
    • collection development
    • chemical information
    • chemical data
    • SciFinder
    • ChemDraw
    • PubChem
    • ACS Style Guide
  • James McKee headshot Book a Consultation

    James McKee

    Makerspace & Special Equipment Coordinator
    • 3D printing
    • virtual reality
  • Holly Mistlebauer headshot

    Holly Mistlebauer

    Project Manager
  • Jim  Morris-Knower headshot

    Jim Morris-Knower

    Research & Global Initiatives Librarian
    • EndNote
    • Zotero
    • reference management software
    • Foundation Directory
    • Mendeley
  • Mary Ochs headshot

    Mary Ochs

    Director of Mann Library
  • Tom  Ottaviano headshot Book a Consultation

    Tom Ottaviano

    Business & Economics Librarian
    • business
    • economics
    • demographics
    • market research
    • Bloomberg
    Liaison to
    • Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management (AEM)
  • Jeff Piestrak headshot

    Jeff Piestrak

    Digital Collections Specialist
  • Karl Rozyn headshot

    Karl Rozyn

    Exhibits Curator
  • Matt Ryan headshot Book a Consultation

    Matt Ryan

    Instructional Technology Coordinator
    • digital editing
    • iMovie
    • video production
    • Adobe Premiere
    • WebEx
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe InDesign
  • Sara Scinto-Madonich headshot

    Sara Scinto-Madonich

    Systematic Review Librarian
  • Ashley Shea headshot

    Ashley Shea

    Head of Instruction Initiatives
    • government data
    • citation management software
    • systematic database searching
    • digital literacy
    • science communication
  • Henrik Spoon headshot Book a Consultation

    Henrik Spoon

    Physics, Astronomy, and Math Librarian
    • collection development
    • LaTex
    • BibTex
    • Overleaf
    • astrophysical databases
    • Interactive Data Language (IDL)
  • Wendy Thompson headshot

    Wendy Thompson

    Signage Designer & Public Services Assistant
  • Ryan Tolnay headshot Book a Consultation

    Ryan Tolnay

    Reference Assistant
    • instructional design
    • government publications
    • Qualtrics
    • Microsoft Access
    • introduction to research
  • Tom Trutt headshot

    Tom Trutt

    Makerspace Tech & Equipment Coordinator
  • Daisy Wiley headshot

    Daisy Wiley

    Instruction and Outreach Support Specialist
  • Tim Worrall headshot

    Tim Worrall

    User Experience Developer
  • Sara E. Wright headshot

    Sara E. Wright

    Librarian for Service & Space Planning
    • learning spaces and design
    • space assessment
    • access services
    • emerging technology
  • Sarah J. Wright headshot

    Sarah J. Wright

    Life Sciences Librarian for Research
    • research data management
    • Excel
    • Web of Science
    • PubMed
    • Mendeley