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Details & Policies

Mann Library has 3 color plotters located behind the Circulation Desk. Poster printing is available until 1 hour before the library closes - see full hours for details/exceptions.

Paper TypeCost
42" Matte$8/linear foot
42" Glossy$13/linear foot
60" Glossy$16/linear foot

  • Plotter jobs can be submitted at the Circulation Desk. You will not be able to send a job to the plotters from any other computer.  Please bring a copy of your saved file on a USB drive.
  • Student Assistants will check your settings before printing. Additional adjustments may be necessary.  It is the responsibility of the patron to ensure that the document is formatted correctly before it is sent to the printer.  If there is a layout issue, the patron is still responsible for the payment of that print job.  Patrons are NOT responsible for misprints due to software or hardware failures/incompatibilities.
  • Maximum cut length is 6'.  Patrons are responsible for cutting anything beyond that length.
  • It is the patron's responsibility to ensure that the print job is correct before they leave.  Once the job is paid for and leaves the building, any reprints will incur additional costs.