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Research Guides

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Mann Library staff have created a series of research guides to support degree programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the College of Human Ecology.

Browse or search guides in subject areas covered by Mann and other libraries for a list of other suggested resources.

Guides by Department

  • AEM: Applied Economics & Management
  • BEE: Biological & Environmental Engineering
  • BioEE: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • BioG: General Biology
  • BioMG: Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • BioMI: Microbiology
  • BioNB: Neurobiology & Behavior
  • COMM: Communication
  • DEA: Design & Environmental Analysis
  • DSOC: Development Sociology
  • EAS: Earth and Atmospheric Science
  • EDUC: Education
  • FDSC: Food Science
  • FSAD: Fiber Science & Apparel Design
  • HD: Human Development Studies
  • HORT: Horticulture
  • IARD: International Agriculture & Rural Development
  • LA: Landscape Architecture
  • NS: Nutrition
  • NTRES: Natural Resources
  • PADM: Public Affairs and Decision Making
  • PAM: Policy, Analysis, & Management
  • PLPA: Plant Pathology
  • PLSCS: Crop & Soil Sciences