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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Tutorial

Learning GIS

Mann Library offers introductory workshops and tutorials for QGIS, ArcGIS, and Manifold software.  All the tutorials used in our workshops are available below. For in-depth instruction, consider taking one of Cornell's full-semester courses in GIS. For short tutorials covering specific GIS tasks, see the GIS Help and Tutorials site.


Mann Library began offering an introductory QGIS workshop in 2014.

Introduction to QGIS (tutorial PDF and data)  


Mann Library has offered introductory ArcGIS workshops for many years. Data used in the exercises are available on the Library classroom file server, accessible from Mann Library computers; see the individual tutorials for details.

Faculty interested in course-related GIS Instruction should contact Keith Jenkins (kgj2).

The Cornell Libraries have several books for learning ArcGIS, which contain many helpful step-by-step tutorials.

There are also many free courses in the ESRI Training Catalog. Cornell students and staff may also gain access to other courses via Cornell's ESRI site license.


A Manifold workshop at Mann Library was taught between 2008 and 2014.  This workshop is no longer offered, but the workshop tutorial is still available here:

For experienced ArcGIS users starting to use Manifold (or vice versa), several years ago Art Lembo and his students put together a document comparing procedures in the two programs: "How Do I Do This in ArcGIS/Manifold?: Illustrating Classic GIS Tasks".