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Cornell Library Tackles the Fake News Conundrum

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Why do we need libraries when we have the web?

The fake news conundrum that has garnered so much of the world’s attention in the past few months is giving us at least one good answer to that question. After all, libraries are, and long have been, one of the most powerful fact-checking tools known to humankind.

Addressing the question of how to better manage the perils of the digital age—where even the most bogus of news circles the globe at lightning speed—Cornell University Library has stepped up efforts to raise awareness about traditional services and develop new tools for making students savvy information consumers.

Initiatives include:

Fake news is nothing new—but it's  become clear that the place it can secure in today’s digital culture has worrisome implications. Along with other Cornell libraries, Mann remains dedicated to working with our faculty to solidify a lifelong foundation for Cornell students in the information literacy they’ll need to tell good data from bad, real from fake, in any situation—and ultimately realize their own contributions to knowledge for lasting public purpose beyond the college years.