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Hybrid library for a hybrid semester: COVID-19 updates ยป

Lobby Kiosk

Slides should be submitted at least one week pior to the first day you would like it to start running on the lobby LCD. We may not be able to accommodate turnaround times that are shorter than a week.

Please ensure you follow these guidelines when submitting your ad for display in the Mann Library lobby.


  • Educational accomplishments, opportunities, events
  • Priority given to CALS & CHE
  • For sale/rent
  • Non-academic events (i.e. athletics, social)


  • Minimal text with a striking image
  • Include date, time and contact information
  • Text or image heavy
  • Missing pertinent information


  • JPG: 1920px wide by 1080px high, 1MB max file size
  • Powerpoint users: export as JPG!
  • Any file format besides JPG at 1920px by 1080px
  • File size exceeds 1MB
Submit your ad for review