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GIS at Mann Library

GIS Help Desk

Mann Library offers walk-in help at the GIS Help Desk, located in the consulting area just outside Stone Classroom. We can help you get started on a project, help you find data, or refer you to other GIS experts on campus.

Open Monday through Friday, 2pm to 4pm when classes are in session, with a few exceptions:

  • Feb 8: closed (due to an ArcGIS workshop)
  • Feb 18: open 3-4pm only
  • Feb 22: closed
  • Feb 24: closed
  • Feb 29: closed (due to a QGIS workshop)
  • Mar 11: closed
  • Mar 15: closed (due to an OpenRefine workshop)
  • Mar 28 to Apr 1: closed (Spring Break)

If the available hours are not convenient for you, please request a one-on-one consultation to fit your schedule.





  • is a worldwide catalog of geospatial data sources compiled and maintained by staff at Cornell and other universities.

Other GIS resources at Cornell:

GIS Day / Cornell Geospatial Forum

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