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GIS at Mann Library

GIS Help Desk

In October 2014, Mann Library began offering walk-in help at the GIS Help Desk, located in the consulting area just outside Stone Classroom. We can help you get started on a project, help you find data, or refer you to other GIS experts on campus.

When classes are in session, the GIS Help Desk is usually open 2pm to 4pm, Monday through Friday, with occasional exceptions.

  • Closed until June.

If these hours are not convenient for you, we can also schedule one-on-one consultations to fit your schedule.





  • Sources of Geospatial Data (to be replaced by
  • is a worldwide catalog of geospatial data sources compiled and maintained by staff at Cornell and other universities.

Other GIS resources at Cornell:

GIS Day / Cornell Geospatial Forum

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